Friday, June 24, 2011

TranceSylvania - Episode 009

Dear Trance Fans,

here is the ninth episode of my podcast, TranceSylvania. I originally made this set as a guestmix for the 50th episode of Follow The Sound by my friend DJ SDF, but then decided to make it longer and use it for my podcast as well. The set starts with a nice intro by Kraftwerk, followed by two of the most incredible tunes I heard in the last months: the beautiful "Run" by Normalize and remixed by Day.Din, a stunning progressive psy-trancer, and the Reaky's remix of "Daksa" by Fei-Fei, a tech-trance monster that keeps you awake! Later on, the show progresses into a more conventional uplifting trance set, with highlight tracks such as "From The Heaven To The Earth", by Poshout, John Waver's "Athene" and the Sandeagle remix of "Fixate" by Jaden Merrick. The episode ends with a classic by Simon Patterson, "Bulldozer", and with one of the most strange tracks out there, the Organ Donors' Remix of Sean Tyas's "Solo" track: these triplets will make you jump all over the place, I promise!

I hope you'll have fun listening to it, I had fun mixing it!


TranceSylvania Episode 009 [Trancecast Mixed By Alpha-Dog] by Alpha-Dog

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Here's the tracklist:

001. Kraftwerk vs. Normalize - Radioactive Run [Day.Din Remix - Alpha-Dog Intro Edit]

002. Fei Fei - Daksa [Reaky Remix] [Feided]

003. Leon Bolier - I Close My Eyes [Original Mix] [Spinnin'] 

004. The Thrillseekers - Song For Sendai [Original Mix] [ASOT] 

005. Poshout - From The Heaven To The Earth [Original Mix] [Timeline] 

006. John O'Callaghan - Raw Deal [Original Mix] [Armada] 

007. TBC & N&R Project - Flying Bird [Function C presents Keelin Temple Remix] [Defcon] 

008. Icone - Sorrow [Soundlift Remix] [Abora Recordings] 

009. Roger Shah & Signum - Healesville Sanctuary [Signum Mix] [Armada]

010. John Waver - Athene [Extended Mix] [Trance All-Stars] 

011. Miikka Leinonen - Dreamfields [Original Mix] [Fraction] 

012. A&Z - New Dawn [Sergey Shabanov Remix] [Defcon] 

013. Cymatics - Unforgettable Summer [Original Mix] [solarSwarm] 

014. Paul Miller - Enroute [Function C Remix] [CDR] 

015. Arctic Moon - Adelaide [Original Mix] [FSOE] 

016. Jaden Merrick - Fixate [Sandeagle Remix] [Defcon] 

017. Paul Webster vs. John O'Callaghan - Big Time [Phil Metcalfe Mashup] [CDR] 

018. Simon Patterson - Bulldozer [Original Mix] [Reset]

019. Sean Tyas - Solo [Organ Donors Remix] [ASOT]

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